how to plan schedule with new born baby

Jun 24, 2015
i am having a new born baby. it was normal delivery, my mom and inlaws were there with me for 2 weeks but now all gone.

living alone in flat with my baby. my husband working in company (IT). he goes to office by 9 and came back by 6.

i cannot schedule my works properly with baby. any way to easily manage both home and baby.

i am housewife only, just want to cook for my husband and for me. and maintaining baby.

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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @sumavish

Yes...from now on you will have a hectic time.

Till the child is 3 months, you can have a breath time . But after this, you will have a hectic schedule.

Till this 3 months, the baby can be given only the mother's milk and hence you need not prepare anything for the baby.

After 3 months , the activities of the baby will start like moving.

From now on you may follow the below suggestions.

Try to finish all the cooking when your husband is at home. He may look after the baby so that he will also feel happy and will have the responsibility to look after the child.

You should take bath while your husband is at home.

Till 3 months, the baby will be sleeping most of the time.

So, you have to finish all the works whenever the baby is sleeping.

Keep everything ready, like the towel, dress, medicine drops to be given, powder etc., in a place, before giving bath to the baby.

After bathing the baby, you should immediately wipe the body and head.

You should
check the babies dresses, nappies thoroughly , for the ants, insects etc, before wearing them for the baby.

You can remove the dried baby clothes before 5 P.M., if you are drying them in the open area. This is because, the birds which go to their nest may drop some unwanted things on these clothes and you may miss to notice them. This is unhealthy for the baby.

You can avoid wearing the diapers for the baby. It is not healthy. You can use the diapers only when you go out with the baby. Also, only in the night time, because, you will not have enough sleep due to frequent urination of the baby.

So, try to use clean cotton clothes as the nappy, for the baby.

So, you may need to clean these very often.

All these can be done while the baby is sleeping.

Later, after 3 months also, you should finish all the works only when the baby is sleeping.

The baby may not have a regular time of sleeping.

Day by day, through practice, you will understand when and what to do.

When you have to do any work while the baby is awake, then you may keep the baby in your eyesight and do your work.

Never leave the baby awake in any place and move away from there.

You can be talking to the baby from now itself. It will surely understand something or other, that it's mom is talking.

If you have finished all the works, then you will some time to relax, watch any TV programs, while the baby is awake or sleeping.

But it is always safe and better for you to eat and sleep while the baby is also sleeping.

From now on, do not practice any cradle or தூளி . later you might find it difficult to change the habit.

If you still have any doubts in handling , you may please ask here and we will try to suggest you.

For more details about the food habits, health, please click the below link

Clicking the below link, may help you in future as how to bring up a child

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This Article has been published in Penmai eMagazine Oct 2016. You Can download & Read the magazines HERE.
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Jun 16, 2016
Hi suma,

Some months back I was also finding the same difficulty. This is what I did. Every baby is unique. So Keep watching it baby and understand it's comfort zone. Upto 7-8 months baby's sleep in almost 3 long scheduled morn 2-3 hrs n noon 2-3 hrs between there ll b 2-3 short naps. So plan ur major activities in these timings.
In general baby's ll wake early in morning n if u speak n play with them it ll start sleeping it's morning turn by 7. So u can easily prepare for food this time. N around 11 and u can bath ur baby n make t sleep. Tat time u can do washing n other acts.
Always make kitchen items ready for cooking by night so that u won get tensed in t morning like v cutting veggies n so on.
Hope this helps if u have something in particular reply back.

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This Article has been published in Penmai eMagazine Oct 2016. You Can download & Read the magazines HERE.
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