How to prepare Herbal Bath Powder at home Ingredients needed


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Oct 12, 2017
Green gram (pachai payaru) – 1 kg
Wild Turmeric (kasturi manjal) – 100 grams
Spiked Ginger ( poolan kilangu) – 100 grams
Vetiver/Khus – a fistful
Neem leaves (veppilai) – handful (not in the picture below as I powdered it separately and mixed with the rest)
Ingredients for Herbal Bath Powder

Dry everything together well in the sun for 2 days. Then get it ground in the mill to a fine powder. Store in any air tight container at room temperature. If you do not have flour mill near your place, powder it in a mixie, sieve it and store it. It stays good for more than 6 months. Avoid using wet spoon.
Green Gram
Green Gram is commonly used in many homemade beauty treatment. It is an excellent cleanser. It removes dirt and dead cells and brightens the skin. It also prevents wrinkles
Wild Turmeric
Wild Turmeric known as kasturi manjal in Tamil is an aromatic turmeric used specially for beauty purposes. It is used to cure many skin diseases. It also reduces facial hair growth. (This turmeric does not leave a yellow tint on the skin).
Spiked Ginger (Pulan kizhangu)
Pulan kizhangu is also known as Seemai Kichchili Kizhangu in Tamil and “Kapur kachri” in Hindi. It has antiseptic properties and a nice pleasing fragrance.
It is an aromatic grass which has antiseptic and cooling properties. It is used to treat acne, rashes and sores.
Neem Leaves
Neem leaves have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It cures many skin problems.
How to use this Herbal Bath Powder – Mix needed quantity with little water to make a paste. Use this paste instead of soap.
You will definitely find positive changes within a month of using this bath powder. You will be surprised to see your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

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