How to prepare yourself for a speech?


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Jun 28, 2011

Giving a speech will improve your leadership quality. To achieve many things in life you should basically be able to speak out however silence is gold and speech is silver. To attend any company meeting or presentation, in school or university competition you may be forced to give a speech.

Steps and tips in preparing for speech:

1) A topic will be given or in some cases you need to select your own topic. After selecting the topic understand the topic properly.

2) If you are not confident on the conception of the topic then talk to people related to topic to gather some idea.

3) Note it down in paper. After you collect all sufficient points, now sequence the order of your points. Add some humor to the speech so it won’t let your audience attention away and it makes audience to listen interestingly.

4) After the speech is ready now read and see to know the minutes. Practice the speech in front of mirror to boost up your confidence level.

5) Know who would attend your speech so that prepare answer to some question which you expect that they would ask you.

6) Add some stories, quotes to your speech and importantly speak slowly and don’t rush it up. State your points clearly.

7) Have good eye contact on everyone and don’t focus down the floor or on walls. Try to justify whatever you speak.

8) Dress up neatly so that it creates good impression and also it gives you confidence.


1) Eye contact is not looking too much personally into someone eyes, because it would mess you and don’t write your speech and write try to be spontaneous.

2) Don’t shout to justify your points. Just be bold and clear.

3) Use cards or papers of your speech only when it is allowed and needed but not in all cases.

- Malvika Sampat

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