How to prepare yourself to a wedding party?


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Jun 28, 2011

Wedding party in all the countries is celebrated very grandly. It’s being celebrated in such a way like a festival, which is a family festival. Preparing for a wedding party is not so easy job. It requires several plans and execution depending on the importance of the wedding party.

Relation of the person involved in the party:

Look at the relation of the person who is being married. It may your close relative, friend, neighbour, or distance relative. Preparation to the party differs according to the relation that the person involves.

Selection of dress:

Designing a costume for ourselves is a tedious job. Select a warm welcoming traditional dress if the person is your close relative. Select the modern trendy dress if the person is your friend or neighbour. Select a pleasant looking dress for any kind of formal weddings. Colour of the dress is very important factor to be noticed. Avoid wearing black colours as it is considered as the sign of something wrong. Wear any pleasing light or dark colour that suit the person skin tone.

Makeup tips:

Spending too much of money in the beauty parlour is not advisable. Makeup can be done in beauty parlour is advisable only when the person him/herself is the bride/bridegroom. Depending on whether the skin is dry, oily, rough skin, use the natural care items in skin. Avoid sudden use of fairness cream in skin. Use curd or sandal or any herbal product to get the brightness in skin.

Increase of beauty:

Not only the outer appearance increases the person’s beauty, his/her inner appearances also lead a way to it. Approach the incoming guest with a pleasant and pleasing word. Look after all the guest with the pleasant smile at your face
:happy:. Never hesitate with others during the wedding party, treat everybody equally and adjust to all situations.

Following the above tips will help the person to prepare him/her neatly for the wedding party.


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