How to Prevent Accidents in Bathroom


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Jul 9, 2015
1 Never use electric fires in a bathroom unless it is specifically made for the purpose.
2 Use non-slip mats or strips on the bottom of the bath.

3 Keep electrical items, such as hairdryers, radios, shavers etc. away from the bath or basin.
4 Always remove soap from the bath water to prevent slipping.

5 Handles attached to the wall can prevent accidents when getting out of the bath.

6 Always check the water temperature before getting into the bath.

7 Never leave children alone in the bath

8 Always run cold water before the hot to prevent accidental scalding

9 Shower doors should be made from safety glass or heavy-duty plastic.
10 Fit pull cord switches

11 Look for the growth of mold on the bathroom walls, around the sink and the toilet, where the presence of water is inevitable. Clean the bathroom regularly and always keep the room dry and ventilated.

12Do not leave soap residue or scum on the floor, which can make the floor slippery. Scrub them well with a brush followed by cleaning with water.

13Let the bathroom door be left open in case seniors or children have a fall and they need to call out for help.

14 Exhaust fan is one of the essentials in a bathroom. It prevents the buildup of moisture and lets circulation of air.

15 Lock all medicines out of the reach of children.
16 Do not keep sharp edged furniture in the bathroom. In case of a fall, you do not want people to get hurt further by falling on such furniture

17 Ensure that most attachments such as towel, toiletry racks are secured strongly on the wall. It should be firm enough to provide enough support for people to hold in case they use it as a support to prevent a fall.

18 The area of the shower or bath is the most slippery. This one of the common places where people who can slip and fall. Consider putting padding or a rubber mat which can provide enough grip for the feet that prevents your family from slipping. You may also put a bath rug next to the shower that can let people wipe the feet. If you are building a new home, consider using textured tiles for the bathroom, which can be of great benefit.

19 Always unplug electrical appliances after use.

20Use squeegees after every use like bath / wash to dry the floor surface

21 Keep the windows open after use to give way for ventilation

22 After oil bath, remember to wash the floor using soap solution and finally with good water to avoid slippery surface

23Clogged drains need to be checked and you get a powder in the market viz., drainex etc which can be put in the drains for sometime and flush with water. this will remove the grease and blocks in the drains thus allowing free flow of waste water into the drain. clogged drain will slow down water flow into it thus letting the soap sediments deposit on the floor which may make the surface slippery

24 Empty the tub after baths. Make sure the tub is empty before you leave the bathroom.

25 You can also consider attaching handles or grab bars on the walls, which can prevent slippery accidents in the bathroom. This is useful especially for seniors at home.


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