How to Prevent Obesity in Children - A Serious Issue!!


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Sep 3, 2012


Obesity in children
or say, Childhood obesity is rapidly becoming an unavoidable disease that is damaging our children like a termite damages the wood from within. So it is very important to use some effective tips to put a stop to this increasing distress.

According to an American survey data, 17 percent of the U.S children, who are aged between 2 to 19 years, are overweight making obesity like an epidemic disease. There are many factors that are responsible for this kind of condition of kids. First is the 'Carelessness of parents'. It is said that healthy parents have healthy kids. They should play an important role in guiding and educating their kids about the benefits of being healthy and should not encourage them to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. So guys, here is a review of some of the effective tips that are going to help you in making your child fit and healthy.

Effective Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity

Know the facts- Some studies have shown that obese children have around 80 percent chances of becoming obese in their adulthood. These children are in the danger of the risk of some severe health problems like diabetes, asthma, fatty liver disease, cardiovascular diseases, mental problems and psychological issues like depression and low self esteem.

Keep a check- Do keep a check on the eating habits of your child. You should know what your kid likes the most and what is healthy for him. Limit the intake of snack foods or the foods that have too much sugar or salt in them. Do not give your child any kind of processed food. Never motivate your child to take junk foods like pizzas, burgers and noodles in routine. That should be allowed once a week or fortnight.

Give a diet that is rich in all kinds of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron. For this, you can eat different vegetables and lots of fruits. Give them fresh juices, salads, bean sprouts, tempting desserts made at home, healthier soups, prepare chicken or fish at home or whatever else you like.. The condition is, it has to be healthy, one or the other way.

Follow the 5-2-1-0 principle- You can improve the health of your child by making him eat at least five vegetables and fruits everyday or at least near to this. Give two hours to them for watching television or playing computer games, rest depending upon their age. Make them do a good workout for at least one hour daily. Do not allow your kids to eat and watch television in their bedroom.

Make exercise fun- Make the task of exercising a fun. It will boost your kid to participate in it without any hesitation. You can go for family bike riding, swimming and hiking adventures. They are going to offer a great amount of adventure to your children. You can even go to a park for a picnic and play hide and seek. Such kind of physical workout helps not only you but your kids, to burn calories, builds strong muscles and encourage a good growth and development.

Educate- Educate your child about the benefits of fitness. Tell them that it will make their body strong. Do tell them that they are gonna look very smart and everybody will appreciate their toned and healthy body forever. Never motivate your child by saying that, ''its okay even if you are fat as there are many fat people in the world''. This is a blunder, parents make. Such a guidance will make them eat more and will gear up their mind with the thought that they are not the only one who is suffering from obesity.

Besides these tips, there is one foremost suggestion that every parent should follow. You should set an example of yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Do improve your own habits if you are moving wrong as a child learns first at his home and then follows it outside. So, make sure you are eating and living right to make your child's life right. Do follow these tips and make the most of your kid's health. Good luck!!
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Dec 2, 2011
​This is a MUST READ message for many parents to counter their children's obese problems.

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