How to prevent skin damage in your 30s


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Jul 5, 2011
How to prevent skin damage in your 30s

You may be maturing in age, but that doesn't mean that you let your skin age more than it should in your 30s. Can't find the solution to the fountain of youth? We get you the basics of skin care - important tips that every man and woman in their 30s must pay close attention to.

Here are some expert insights from a Dermatologist and a Gynecologist on how you can prevent your skin from ageing prematurely. This is what you ought to know about skin care in your 30s.

Dr. Uma Rani, Senior Consultant on Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute in New Delhi talks about the maturing skin in your 30s. She reveals, "30 is the age of adult life. So, all the structures of body and the skin will show adulthood changes. Skin has different types of texture i.e. dry, normal & oily. There are no major changes seen throughout menstrual cycles. We might notice few changes like oily skin or pimples during pregnancy because of hormonal changes."

Seems like a fair deal but this is a gynecologist's point of view. She leaves us with tips on how to improve and enhance your skin texture and feel.

1. "We should keep our skin perfect by regular washing, applying moisturisers, taking plenty of water or fluid."

This is the basic advice that one should follow at any age. Washing up ensures clean skin, but you should also moisturise your skin to replenish the lost nutrients from your skin. And water is a blessing in more ways than one for your body.

2. "We should have fruits, salads and avoid oily, spicy, fast foods."

Fruits and salads are always a wiser option for your well being. Oily food not only adds flab but is also the reason for the spurt of pimples and oily skin. If you are looking for the fountain of youth, opt for fruits with high levels of anti oxidants.

3. "The skin should also be massaged with natural soothing creams."

Let's face it, the climate cannot be controlled unless you have the moolah and a private jet. Hence, change in temperature affects your skin besides dust and pollution, which also hampers the texture of your skin. Natural soothing creams rejuvenate your skin cells bringing it back to life.

Dr. Nipun Jain, Senior Consultant in Dermatology at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute shares a different perspective on skin care in your 30s. She lays down the truth, "Even if you take good care of your skin from early days, you may notice fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. Dark-skinned women might notice discoloration and uneven skin tone and fair-skinned women might see some hyperpigmentation (brown spots)."

The doctor shares some tips for healthy skin in your 30s:

1. Cleanser: "In the morning, use a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acids for exfoliation of the skin. In the evening, you can wash with a creamy mild cleanser."

2. Moisturizer: "A good sunscreen with SPF 15 or more with good UVA/UVB protection is a must for you. Use a good moisturizer with antioxidants, like green or white tea, pomegranate, or vitamin C, which will protect your skin from damaging free radicals."

3. Night-time treatment: "Once you're in your 30s, choose a night cream or serum with retinol or retinoids. Start using an eye cream daily. For dark circles, use one with hydroquinone, vitamin C, or botanicals that brighten, like kojic acid, soy, or licorice. For puffiness, look for one containing caffeine and for extra moisturization, use one with hyaluronic acid."

Above all, if skin troubles do not go away with routine application of relevant ointments, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, then consult your doctor. Sometimes, hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on skin as you step into your 30s.
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there are many ways to products that are used for skin health. some herbal things are good also such as aloe Vera as it contain on vitamin e that is the best vitamin for the skin treatment.

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