how to reduce 5 kg weight in 10 days

Jun 25, 2016
i want to reduce 5 kg. can you please help me to give tips to reduce weight. i want to reduce weight 5kg in 10 days.


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Jun 28, 2011
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People practice yoga, move to gym to do many exercises to make their body fit, slim and healthy. When the person increases in weight, the hip region expands first, then thigh, later hands, and finally the face region. However, when the person attempts to reduce the weight, the weight starts reducing in reverse process. The face region muscle reduces, and followed by the reduction in other region.

Views on the days and diet:

1) Day 1:-The person cannot start all the process of reduction all of sudden. Thus, the body has to be ready for it. Therefore, get up in the early morning drink hot water two glasses in empty stomach.

2) Day 2:- Avoid the intake of sugar in your daily food. Add any sugar calorie tablet or add honey to the food.

3) Day 3:- Daily exercise is also essential in weight reducing activity. Move for walking for at least 10 minutes daily. It is not that how far you move it is that how efficiently you move. Shake your hands and stress the legs while walking.

4) Day 4:- In the night, the person need not require much of energy, so the intake can also be very lite. Generally, people use their energy on morning so have a healthy food in the morning. If the person is out for job at night, then have a good and healthy dinner.

5) Day 5:- Southern Indian food (rice) has to be completely avoided in the diet. Do not prefer such a kind of food for lunch and breakfast.

6) Day 6:- The person can prefer drinking the water, which is used for boiling rice or vegetables.

7) Day 7:- Whenever the day moves on, follow the task that is being assigned that day as well as the previous task. Intake of fresh raw vegetables or any boiled vegetable is healthy. See to that the intake amount is not much.

8) Day 8:- Increase the drinking of hot water by one glass twice a week. Note whether that the limit of five glasses should not be crossed. The hot water will burn some of the excess tissues in the hip region.

9) Day 9:- Intake of Kellogg’s, flakes, oats, ragi, corn and other cereal will reduce the calorie. Intake of calorie reducing agents in diet is called calorie diet. This will help the person to maintain the body weight also to reduce it.

10) Day 10:- follow the diet properly and continuously and added to that see that whether the person have not taken any medical tablet regarding the body reduction, if anything is being done then it will disturb in some way.

There is no doubt in the reduction of the body weight, if the person follows the instructions correctly and properly. If any of the steps is being not followed properly then, then 5kg will not be reduced, instead 4 or 3kg will be reduced.

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