How to reduce blood cholesterol?


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Jun 28, 2011

Cholesterol is the accumulation fat in the body. Such accumulation of cholesterol in the blood is called blood cholesterol. When too much of such fat is accumulated it may form a large mass leading to blocking of blood vessels.

Such blocking may create problems like heart attack and stroke. Therefore cholesterol accumulation is extremely dangerous to our health. Major causes for accumulations of cholesterol are due to reduction of body metabolism become increased tension and increase in blood pressure.

Due to drastic changes in lifestyle of people we have reduced the amount of work we perform every day. Thereby weight increases drastically. When such problems have become part of our daily life what do we have to do to reduce such problems.

Consumption of coffee has a direct impact on increase in cholesterol. We are used to drink coffee thrice per day. But the toxic content of coffee can increase the cholesterol in our blood.

Eating raw garlic can reduce cholesterol. Garlic has good amount of antioxidant capacity. So try to eat garlic in empty stomach every morning, at least three every day. This will reduce amount of blood cholesterol.

Walking and performing exercises will also cause reduction in blood cholesterol level. People have a great start; perform exercises for the first three days very enthusiastically.

But the fourth day they start with their early routine. So the effect reverses back. Cholesterol again shoots back to increase. So always remember to follow the routine every day. Spend at least half an hour to exercise.

Researchers say that watching television increases blood cholesterol level. Especially when we eat snacks while watching television. So reduce the time of watching television. Spend your time productively on some other activity. It is also suggested that women who work have reduced cholesterol than women at work.
Mar 13, 2012
A low cholesterol diet plan can really help to lower cholesterol build-up, which likely contributes to heart disease and other well being problems. The human body does indeed generate cholesterol, but a surplus in the body is usually the consequence of a diet loaded with animal foodss for instance red meat, eggs and whole fat dairy products. Switching our diet plan to low cholesterol foods like grains, fruits and veggies and nuts can not just reduce the cholesterol consumption but additionally actively fight existing cholesterol.

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