how to reduce body heat


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Jun 10, 2012
Hi Preetha,

You can try the following things that I usually follow:

1) First & foremost drinking more water,,, Drink enough water daily,, Which will help us in relieving from many problem,,,,, Drink minimum 1 glass water early morning,,, Have a bottle with specific quantity, set ur mind that you will drink 1-2 bottles of water evryday,,

2) Swallow fenugreek seeds(vendhayam in Tamil) with water in morning. I usually follow this and get good result in reducing my body heat.
Or you can also add fenugreek in buttermilk at night and drink that in morning. But I havent done this,,

3) Aloevera. You can eat/swallow small piece regularly by removing the outer skin and having the jelly like part inside,,,, Also you can keep them on your hands by cutting the aloe vera piece into halves.

There might be some other options too,,, But these are the options that I follow,,,

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