How to reduce Heat in Body!!


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Not to do..

  • Don’t Stress yourself.
  • Taking steaming hot food should be avoided.
  • Taking alcohol, spicy & oily fried food and eggs should be avoided.
  • Avoid all non-vegetarian food and eating chilies, pickles.
  • Avoid intake of Excess Salt.
  • Avoid using drier to dry your hair.


  • Do exercises, Morning Walk and yoga and meditation in the early mornings.
  • Try to Take freshly cut salads and fruits in your daily Diet.
  • Take refrigerated food but not so cold as it leads to cough & sore throat.
  • Try to Take butter milk, cucumbers, gourds, curd, melons, leafy vegetables and a lot of fruits.
  • Wear cotton clothes.
  • Having soaked basil seeds in water with cold milk helps to reduce body heat.
  • Try to bath twice a day. It will make our whole body cool.
  • Apply oil on your head. This is also important for your hair and eyes.
  • Eating fenugreek in an empty stomach reduces our body heat.
  • Drink plenty of water. It also helps for digestion.
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Some more remedies to reduce body heat:

  • To reduce your body heat have a tender coconut regularly. It helps in reducing body heat.
  • having a glass of water with cumin seeds helps in reducing body heat.
  • Intake of Agathi keerai also good remedy for body heat. Take Agathi keerai in your regular diet. It helps to reduce your body heat.
  • Another home remedy to lower body heat is by drinking amla juice with honey and lime juice with water on an empty stomach every morning.
  • Avoid intake of country chicken in your diet.
hi kartiga,

Soaking fenugreek in water at night and drinking the water with the soaked fenugreek next day morning works well.

Sugar patients note, it will lower your blood sugar too, so pls take care.

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