How to Reduce LDL and Total cholesterol Naturally ????????


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May 25, 2012
Hi Friends
To lower Cholesterol naturally is by diet ...alone.

1. Hot or warm water after any meal. Avoid cold water along with meals.
2.Add garlic to dishes while cooking.
3. Boil a handful or 10 -12 garlic pods in a cup of milk and eat the garlic and drink the milk before going to bed.
4. Eat 4-5 walnuts and almonds everyday for snaks.
5.Drink black tea atleast two times a day.
6.Use ordinary gingili oil & coconut oil for cooking and avoid the refined oils like sunflower, corn oil or Rice bran oil etc.

7. If possible do this and drink.
Ginger paste - 1cup
Garlic Paste - 1 cup
Apple Cidar Vinegar -1 cup.
Lemon Juice - 1 cup
Mix all well and boil it until it becomes 3 cup. ( I boil it in Micro-wave)

Add equal quantity of honey and store it in the fridge.

Daily in empty stomach take 2- 3 tsp of this mix and with warm or cold water take it.
These are the natural ways I know at present.
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