How to Reduce Miscarriage Risks


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to Reduce Miscarriage Risks


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Eat healthy. Add fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily diet. Take a potent multivitamin and a multimineral. Make sure you get adequate folic acid, iron and calcium.

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Maintain a healthy weight before getting pregnant. Pregnancy is not a time to be dieting. You should weigh at least the average amount for your height and frame. You are more than likely to maintain a healthy weight throughout the pregnancy.

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Abstain from alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs and, if possible, drugs in general.

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Reduce your caffeine intake. That doesn't mean just coffee, but also colas and other drinks that contain caffeine. Find healthy, non-caffeine alternatives to your favorite sodas and coffee.

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Don't vegetate. Stay active and get moderate low-impact exercise under the guidance of your doctor. Regular yoga, stretching, light swimming and power walking are recommended. Let your physician draw up a routine with you.

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Avoid stress. Meditate, perform deep breathing exercises and practice serene guided visualizations. Fill your home with relaxing colors and fragrances.
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