How to reduce the expenses in the Marriage?


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Jun 28, 2011

In the Indian cultural way it has variety of religious way in doing the marriage but the expenses are high for marriage in spite of the way they execute them. Reduce the expenses would be major task and also it should not disturb the beauty and happiness that is been deep inside it.

Steps to be focused to reduce expenses:

1) Purchasing jewels will be one of the major expenses in the marriage regardless of the bride/ bridegroom. So purchase jewels in the season which it will slightly reduce and also do not compensate on the quality.

2) Plan well before entering to purchase the bridal dresses. Plan well for the budget, gross amount, number of dresses. Plan well to cover up the family in the gross amount estimated.

3) Don’t just waste money in purchasing in the furniture if they already have one in the place where she planned to leave. Better investin land or drop the cash in the bank for future use.

4) Don’t blindly enter a shop (jewels, dress, furniture’s) without knowing about it, ask the people and purchase in shops which is best and little reduced in price and importantly it need to be satisfying.

5) Buy a vehicle only when it is necessary, if already has one they avoid buying as the expense of fuel is larger than the car itself.

6) Arrangement of “Mandapam” would be important. Select the place in regards with the amount of people attending it.

7) Most important would be the “FOOD” that is being served during the wedding. Have contract based cooking and purchase the vegetables in Wholesale from same place so as to reduce the cost.

8) If you have anyone for makeup then reduces the expense of calling from parlour. Also select the flowers as good looking and readily available in stage decoration.

9) Every success of marriage depends on how you treat the guests. Greet them, welcome them and serve them with smile (love).

-Malvika Sampat
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Oct 24, 2012
I think you should go for wedding planner. They can provide you all the arrangements in a really economical way.
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