How to relax our mind and body?


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Jun 28, 2011

Resting the body is not just lying down and sleeping. True resting must provide peace to the soul. A human goes to work and returns home, sleep, then again get back to work. This has developed a stress cycle around everyone.

However, they have forgotten to seek peace inside them and started searching it elsewhere. Our body has to be recharged now and then, for that just sleeping alone can not provide a better solution.

Ways to relax body and mind:

1) Sleeping may provide good rest to body but not to mind. To release our mind and concentrate it, we need to practice breath exercise daily and regularly.

2) Inhale the air deep into the nasal cavities and exhale them fully out the body. Practice this kind of breath exercise whenever you feel stress.

3) Hear to melodies songs or songs that you like the most by resting in your bed. Practice the habit of reading good books.

4) Try to maintain your atmosphere neat and clean both in the home and working places. By doing this so, it automatically creates a pleasant mood around you always.

5) To be healthy in terms of body, take proper diet regularly at time. Avoid eating food untimely.

6) To be healthy in terms of mind, relax the mind and do not put any of the problems into it and keep on confusing. Avoid shouting and speaking loudly. This will help to stress the vocal muscle relax

7) Stop worrying about the problems and take brave steps to resolve them. Do the things that you like the most and see to that it does not affect anyone personally.

Stress and problem is for everyone and the person must be strong enough to manage them and not be afraid to face them. Relax yourself and approach everyone with care and kind. Be happy always.

With Regards,

Sumathi Srini

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