How to remove makeup - Step by Step Guide


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Apr 15, 2010
Removing makeup takes less time and attention as does its application. Care should be taken while removig makeup since even the slightest trace of makeup on your skin can lead to pimples. This gets worse if you happen to sleep with the makeup not fully removed.

First thing you will have to do for removing makeup is to secure you hair tightly, so that they don’t fall on your face.
Concentrate on the eyes first. Take a cotton swab and dab it with eye makeup remover. Gently wipe each eye with the cotton, till the makeup dissolves completely.

Now is the turn of your face. Take another cotton swab and dab it with cleansing milk. Wipe your face with it, avoiding the eye area.

Wash you face with lukewarm water. Take the makeup remover or cleanser and put a drop on your palm. Rub your hands together, to generate lather.

Now, apply this lather all over the face, again avoiding the eye area. Keep rubbing it gently all over your face for around one minute.

Rinse off the lather with water. Splash your face with water a number of times, to make sure that no traces of makeup and lather are left.

Gently pat your face dry with a soft towel. Do not rub.

Lastly apply moisturizer on your face and massage it gently, atleast for a minute.

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