How to sex up your busy lives


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to sex up your busy lives

For modern day couples, where weekends only mean socialising or wrapping up household tasks, love making tends to take a back seat in their to-do list. So, today we thought of telling you how you can sex up your busy lives. Here are our top 5 tips to master the art of lovemaking and let the sparks fly...And did we mention that it's great for your health too?

Keep some time aside
Never treat sex as a burden. The key lies not in thinking about ways to deny it to your partner, but to think of ways how you can enthusiastically boost your sex life. It should be an active de-stressor in your life. After all who would mind a good sex life? Not you for sure! Talk your partner into it if you are in the mood for it tonight. Let things like cleaning, making dinner, attending work calls all be attended well in time. Candle light dinners are a passe, we say dress down for it, take a shower together and let the passion unfold!

Have a gadget-free love making session!
Switch off all your gadgets and gizmos as they can be quite distracting. Let your bedroom be a gadget-free zone. This will help channelise your energy into the one task in your daily life that doesn't need a battery or power chord.

Don't attempt sex marathons
Harsh reality - You are a working professional, and you simply can't afford to miss your morning work meetings just because you indulged in a long sex marathon the previous night. Go for short but effective love making. Besides, these marathons are stuff of romantic movies. They aren't really possible for us mere mortals - especially not every now and then.

Let your touch speak
Do simple things at the right time to reveal to her/him that you are interested! Play with her while she is busy cooking, or send him an erotic message from your phone while he is busy finishing some last minute mails at night, snuggle with each other when you are watching television together.

Less is more!
Less is more, as far your clothes are concerned. Go for sexy night wear, rather than worn out clothes. Play the visual appeal game. And pay plenty of attention to which perfume or cologne you dab on before the action begins.

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