How to Soothe a Crying Baby!

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Aug 7, 2011
Does your baby often cry at night? Many parents are left clueless when babies do not stop crying at all. However, you can easily sooth your baby, if you are able to find what makes your baby cry. Read on to find helpful tips for soothing a crying baby.

Crying baby is heartbreaking for any parent. Today, parents are more responsible and take utmost care of their babies. They know that the babies have to be responded and spent time with no matter how small they are. It is not only the mother but the father also takes crying of the baby seriously. Usually what the baby needs is closeness and attention whenever he cries unless there is some serious problem.

Tips to Help You Sooth Your Crying Baby

Have a quick look at some useful tips for helping yourself to sooth your crying baby.

Bring your child close to you. Probably he was feeling terror and cried in despair and helplessness.

Check his clothes and body. See whether he is cold, hot, wet or if there is something in the clothes or diaper that rubbed his skin.

Make sure your child is not hungry. If yes, feed him immediately and slowly.

It can be stomach pain or wind that can be the cause behind your child’s crying. Usually bottle fed babies suffer from this problem.

When your child is few months old, he can cry out simply by the feeling of boredom and loneliness.

Sometimes infants need to be taken in arms and as soon as you hold him he will stop crying.

Talk to your child even if he does not understand anything. Your two or three month old will understand that you are with him and attending him.

Switching on light music also soothes the baby. But do not use ear phones or plugs as this may harm the ear drums of the child.

If there is sudden change in temperature, attend your baby immediately and drape him in a soft and cozy cloth or woolen rug depending on the situation.

Rock your baby in your arms or cradle. He might be feeling sleepy and is asking for attention.

If your child is tired and needs a massage, give him massage with light warm oil so that he feels relaxed and goes to sleep or simply gets relaxed.

It can be cramps in some part of the body that is hurting him and here you have to be very careful because the child is very delicate and it is better to contact a professional or take him to the doctor.

These tips can be of great help especially if this is your first child. However, mothers come to know from the way of crying of the child what he wants or whether he has got hurt or so. Just keep in mind that if you will attend your baby immediately, he will be less troublesome and irritated in later months. Do not let your child cry unattended. This is a wrong concept and you should never follow this.

When your baby starts crying you should start from the basic and check out whether he is in need of something or is wet, cold or hot. Do not be afraid to try out different techniques. You might have to check at each level because your infant is aware of only one language and that is to cry. Have patience and do not panic unless you see something serious and unusual. If you are unable to sooth your baby, call the doctor or take your baby to the nearest health care center.

Source: Google/Indianparenting

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