How To Steam Face? - Steam Facial Recipes


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Jul 5, 2011
How To Steam Face? - Steam Facial Recipes

For deep cleansing, you need to steam face. Steaming helps in removing dirt, unclogs pores and improves blood circulation. For winter, this facial treatment works best as it not only clears skin but also gives warmth to the chilling body.

The procedure is easy and inexpensive. Just boiling a vessel full of water, keeping your face at a comfortable distance and taking the steam for about 10-15 minutes is the way. The best way to steam face is by using steamers as the equipment provides steam in a jiff and is very handy.

Although exfoliation is good, overdoing the skin treatment can lead to imbalance in the pH levels. Frequent rubbing and massaging may make skin sensitive and irritable. A better home skin care for this is the face steaming.

It will be surprising for you to know that there are many steam facial recipes. The ingredients that we have listed below are great for winter skin care. Take a look.
Simply adding a few drops of jojoba oil, rose water, fresh herbs like mint, basil, rosemary or flower petals like rose, jasmine not only clear skin but also nourish the open pores. Applying face masks or skin creams after steaming will be more effective to skin.

We also have steam facial recipes according to skin types
1. For normal skin – Dried lemon balm leaves or mint with rose and linden flowers are a good mixture of facial steaming recipes. The fragrance freshen up, flowers properties improve skin and make it look beautiful naturally.

Note: Rose can also be replaced with jasmine or lavender flowers.

2. For dry and sensitive skin – Chamomile oil (a drop) with fennel seeds and linden flowers or calendula or comfrey will be a perfect assortment for sensitive skin care. Wash face well before steaming face for better benefits.

3. For acne or blemished skin – Dill leaves, holy basil leaves, thyme with flowers like arnica or the divine parijata cure your skin blemishes and bring the glow gradually. Adding mint and a drop of lemon is also good as it will heal the acne.
These home skin care treatments work more efficiently that the purchased exfoliators as they are natural and side effect free. Try these face steam recipes and get a blemish free face naturally!!!


Banned User
Sep 15, 2012
These surface relief of skin care does not delete the deep scars and flaws, of course, they can not stop the aging care treatment will face these facial care therapy, not only conducive to temporarily improve the appearance.

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