How To Stop Your Child From Biting?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How To Stop Your Child From Biting?

A child develops many bad habits in the process of growing up. There are certain unhealthy things that they take to, like biting others. Even with the best of prevention and utmost care these incidents do occur. There are a very few parents who do not complain of this biting habit in their child. Here are a few ways to stop or prevent your child from biting others. This is a very bad habit as a lot of infections spread this way.

Keep Something- Most children develop the habit of biting at the age when they are teething. So, keep some damp cloth or a sterilised bottle nipples. Keep them within the reach of your child and let them bite into it whenever they feel like it. This is harmless and will not cause any harm either to their soft gums or their health.

Stop Them- You have to be very active and always be at your heels for the benefit of your child. As soon as you see them trying to bite someone you have to rush and stop them immediately. This is one of the ways in which you can stop the biting habits of your child. Many parents take a lot of time to react and the deed is done meanwhile. This won't work and you have to try to reduce this biting habit of your child as soon as possible.

Strict- The sense of discipline must be grown in a child at a very early stage. If your child goes to bite someone then by gestures and actions you have to make them understand that these things are not liked by you. You have to take to some safety measures like not paying them much attention after this, so that they realise that what they do is wrong.

Avoid Situations- Most children bite in order to show their anger or to express their irritation. So, is it not better to avoid such situations that irritates them? It is not always the fault of your child when they bite someone. There are some people who deliberately irritate children. And in such cases a child may bite that person.

Understand- Understand why your child has developed a biting habit and then try to resolve it. Teach your child to get rid of these bad habits by training them to express their anger in some other way. Show them other ways of expression and only then you can get them rid of such bad habits.

These are all a few reasons as to why a child goes to bite a person.

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