How to Take Care of Dry Hair?


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Jul 5, 2011
How do we classify our hair as dry? The roughness we feel by touching them, the dullness we see, and the frizziness which is there, all these are the signs of Dry Hair. These days many of us are victim of Dry Hair. Dry Hair may be a result of the following:
• Pollution.
• Excessive brushing.
• Frequent use of hair dryers/hot iron/rollers.
• Washing hair with cold water.
• Use of harsh chemicals.
• Frequent colouring.
• Exposure to sun.
• Use of shampoos and conditioners which are not meant for your hair type.
• Use of serums which are not meant for your hair type.
• Medication.
• Nutritional deficiency.
• Cancer treatment.
• Chlorine in water used for hair wash (eg: swimming pool water)
• Seasonal changes.
• Humidity.
• Lack of adequate sebum production. Sebum is hair oil, secreted from sebaceous glands associated with follicle pores. Underactive production can cause dry scalp. Colder temperatures and low humidity slow sebum production; combined with increased wind and decreased humidity in offices or homes, hair can become excessively dry.
Each hair shaft has three layers, with the cuticle, or outside layer, protecting the two inner layers. When hair is damaged, the scales may separate and hair can become Dry. Because the scales on Dry Hair don't protect the inner two layers as well, hair can break and look dull.

In order to take care of Dry Hair, you must follow the following Dry Hair Care Tips:
• Switch products.
• Cover your hair when you are outside in the sun for long.
• Brush gently.
• Condition your hair.
• Apply oil twice a week.
• Serums can provide temporary relief.
• Wash hair with cold water.
• Have proteins in your diet.
• Apply egg.
• Don’t use soap for hair wash.
• Don’t leave your hair open frequently.
• Let your hair dry itself.
• Hair spas can be effective.
• Wear a cap while swimming.
• Use shampoos and conditioners especially for Dry Hair.

These Dry Hair Care Tips can help you maintain your Dry Hair and can even beautify its texture. Try them!

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