How to take care of health during jaundice?


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Jun 28, 2011

Jaundice is disease that makes yellowish coloration of skin, eyes, and urine. Jaundice is a liver disorder caused by disturbance in the bile doctor decreased in the production of liver cells.

Symptoms of jaundice:

Loss of appetite (decrease the desire to eat food), nausea (vomiting sensation), and pain in the liver region, discoloration in feaces, extreme weakness, dull fever, and headache are some of the major symptoms of the jaundice in the person.

Medical remedy:

Some initial tablets for curing any sort of infection in the stomach have to be taken. Some tablets to increase the appetite and tablets for curing jaundice have to be taken twice daily. Some simple tonics for children under 5 years are given. Injections are required when it is at high stage or at childhood level.

Home remedy:

Good diet control over food will reduce jaundice. Avoid salt, oil and spice content in the food at maximum extent. Pickle, oil foods, fried items; non-vegetarian will increase jaundice and may sometime cause the death to the concern person.


Fruits like apple, grapes, pineapple, sugarcane juice, lime, pears, and mostly all fruits. Avoid banana to some extent as it disturbs the activity of the liver actions. Fruit juice and with little added sugar is good for strength. Fresh cut fruit salads also well and good.


Tomatoes and potato at any stage, either boiled or fried has to be strictly avoided for the diet of the patient. Give simple vegetables like beans, carrot, cabbage, pumpkin, brinjal (free from seeds) at boiled state. Add a bit of salt and pepper if the patient wishes for taste.


Curd rice is the best diet to be followed during the suffering period of jaundice. Any rice made items, like idly is good. Avoid taking any kind of flour other the rice flour. Completely avoid wheat, Maida, and corn flour in diet.

Following doctor advice and complete control over the regular diet will completely cure the jaundice and avoid its presence in future.

Sumathi Srini

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