How to take care of mouth and problems in it?


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Jun 28, 2011

Mouth cavity consists of 32 teeth and a folded tongue. It has sensory nerves in it. Each corner of the mouth cavity has a sense of taste. It is known as taste buds. The main purpose of mouth is to swallow food by breaking it own into pieces.

Due to several factors, the chewing, eating and digestion in the mouth region also leads to several kinds of disease and uncomfortness to the person. Thus maintenance of mouth is very essential to make the person having good contact and self respect towards us.

Steps to maintain mouth from problems:

1) Gum diseases are common in the mouth. It starts up with plaque along the gum line and cause infection to teeth and enamel. However, to avoid this, brush teeth twice and visit your dentist for regular checkup.

2) Do floss in mouth as once in three days. Gently clean up the teeth with fluoride toothpaste and the dentist prescribed tooth paste for your teeth.

3) Brushing of tongue is also essential as it keeps the mouth clean and free from bad smell.

4) People those who are wearing clips in the teeth must take extra care in brushing the teeth and side regions of mouth.

5) Use soft or ultra soft brushes in the teeth. Avoid using medium and hard brushes. It may hurt or cause bleed in the gums of the teeth.

6) Oral and mouth cancer is the common disease among those who use cigarettes and tobacco for continuous period of time. Occasion users are free from these cancers.

7) Avoid taking more of alcohol and cigars in pipes. Use the lip balms and sunscreen over the region of lip if prescribed.

8) Whitening creams can be used in teeth to make it shine and refreshment mints can be used to avoid bad breath.

-Malvika Sampat


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