How to take care of the new born Baby?


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Jun 28, 2011

A new born baby needs more care and love from his/her mother and family. The prestigious stage in women’s life is the motherhood. But it is not only the prestigious stage; it is the stage where the women meet so many responsibilities to take care of her child. Some important notes are below to take care of the newborn baby.

Eye Care:

A mucus collection in baby’s eyes should be wiped with the boiled water and a clean cloth or cotton. It should be taken during bath. Putting kajal in baby’s eyes is risky thing because sometimes it may cause infections or redness in the eye. Sometimes due to dust in the eye, the eyes become red. Putting eye drops under doctor’s advice is prescribed.

Mouth and Nose Care:

The lips should be cleaned with boiled water each time after taking the food. A white liquid substance will come during the intake of milk. It indicates the fungal infection. It should be taken care immediately with the anti-fungal medicines. A nose should be taken care after the bath using clean cotton or cloth. Sometimes, a liquid like substance may come from baby’s nose. It is common in newborn baby.

Ear and Skin Care:

Cleaning of ear is not necessary in new born baby because it will create infections sometimes. Caring of ear taken after 7 or 8 months is preferable. A new born baby doesn’t need any toiletry products like soap, shampoo, cream etc. Use of mild water in bath is good for baby’s health. Due to mosquito bites, the baby will face the redness in the skin. So, avoiding the mosquito bites is better for the skin. Shampoos should be needed in the case of having dandruff. Otherwise, it is not needed.

General Care:

Disposable diapers are prescribed for new born babies. Cotton diapers are good for the health. The cotton diapers should be washed with the antiseptic solutions. Use of soap is not advisable one. Improper diaper washing may lead to rashes, redness or infection in the baby’s skin. Changing the diaper for every two hours is needed for new born baby.

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