How to tame the anger monster


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to tame the anger monster

Have a hot tempered roommate? A friend? A lover? Here's how to handle someone who has temper issues...

Imagine if the Hulk had a roommate? The things he might have had to put up with, right? Anger is never a good thing and most of us have fallen victim to some angry person's tantrums. Being angry is one thing but showing signs of extreme anger and short temperedness is a sign you might have to watch out for.

There's a strong reason behind the Roman's saying that anger is brief madness. Roommates, relatives, friends or spouse - Putting up with an angry person is no child's play. Here's what you should do and shouldn't (We'd advise you to focus on the latter for your safety!)

Stay out of the person's sight!
However insensitive you may feel this is, staying away does wonders to the person in question. And for you too! The one thing that very angry people do is hurl something across the room and maybe even break something in sight. And you for sure wouldn't want to be in that path. An angry person is best left to themselves. It gives them buffer time to think over why they got so angry and in the process calm down too.

Avoid blaming and taking things personally
Understand that when a person gets angry, his thinking process disables temporarily. So if you're in the vicinity (which means you obviously ignored our first advise), don't stand for a confrontation. Try your best to sort out the argument with a tone that shouldn't sound too patronizing or accusing. This can only anger the person more. Don't take it personally because he just doesn't mean what he's saying when he's angry. At some point, there is going to regret. And an apology will come your way.

Encourage people to sit down
This always helps because it cools down a bit of anger. Violence levels have been said to be slightly lesser when people are seated.

Don't prod and bug
Bugging the angry person will only make things worse than ever. Prodding someone to talk out might not work out in your favour because this person just doesn't want to talk! Leave the person alone and let his thoughts be. Ask once and then if they refuse help or communication of any kind, leave the scene. It just doesn't make sense to worsen situations.

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