How to Treat Nail Fungus


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Jul 5, 2011
Because nail fungus is difficult to treat, sufferers may need to approach different methods until relief and a cure is found, with full recovery taking nearly one year from the initial nail ring outbreak. Deeply embedded fungus underneath the nail bed poses many treatment challenges, which is why recovery is extensive.

The first step in treating a fungus includes an office appointment with a family physician or dermatologist who will assess the condition and prescribe suitable treatment. Antifungal prescriptions such as terbinafine may be prescribed as an initial step in treatment.

You may be prescribed an approach of both topical and systemic treatments. Antifungal creams such as amorolfine can possibly treat nail rings on their own depending on the severity of your condition. Daily application of the treatment ensures the best results.


Preventing nail rings is much easier than treating the fungus once you have a full blown outbreak. To prevent outbreaks of rings, make sure you have proper hygienic practices. The following lifestyle changes may help you prevent nail rings:

  • Always dry your toes and fingernails thoroughly after bathing
  • Avoid wearing shoes and socks when feet are damp
  • Avoid sharing clothing and towels
  • Avoid walking barefoot
  • Keep finger and toenails clipped as close to the nail bed as possible
  • Wash hands and feet with an antibacterial soap daily
  • Always wear shoes or flip flops in public locker rooms
Practicing prevention may help you avoid future nail rings and nail disorders. If, after prevention and treatment, you still experience nail outbreaks, you’ll need to have your physician prescribe an alternate treatment plan or seek alternative treatments.

While nail disorders can be an embarrassing condition, prompt treatment and diagnosis will ensure best results and rapid recovery from the disorder. Rather than self-diagnose or prescribe treatment, always seek professional care when dealing with a suspected fungal infection.

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