How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows??


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Sep 3, 2012

A pair of well-groomed and shaped eyebrows makes all the difference to your looks. To get the perfect set of eyebrows, you don’t need to be a professional but you will have to follow some basic rules when you are grooming your eyebrows.

Eyebrow tweezers

Choosing a perfect setting for tweezing eyebrows
Use a regular mirror in conjunction with bright light. Light helps you have a good view at the extra hair. Once you do a few tweezes, step back and see the results from far, this avoids overdoing.

Tweeze your eyebrows after a hot shower

For less painful tweezing, try to tweeze the brows after you have taken a hot water bath. Hair follicles open up and hence pulling them out becomes easy and less painful.

Study the shape of your face

Know what type of eyebrows will suit your face – fuller, thicker or thin. The arch is an important part of the brows and care should be taken in shaping them; do not make it too high.

Choose the perfect tweezers

Choose right tweezers, a slant tip allows precision and helps to avoid accidentally pinching your skin while tweezing.

Use a creamy pencil to outline or create shape.

Use a creamy white or black kohl pencil to outline the brows and mark the desired shape. Avoid the waxy ones, they clog the pores and stick to the hair.

Determining the shape

Shape is the most important feature in the tweezing process and here we shall show you how to determine the perfect shape for your eyebrows

Take a long pencil or a thin brush and line it along the side of the nose, the brow starts right above the tear duct.

Now, take the pencil/brush and with one end on the side of the nose and make a 45 degree angle.

The invisible line should go right through the pupil and the spot where the pencil hits the brows will be the highest spot and will determine the arch shape and position.

Place one end of the pencil at the nose line and the other end along the outer corner of the eye, both should meet the brow.

Keep in mind that perfect looking brows have a slight arch so do not make it unnaturally higher or very arched.

Brush the brows upwards with a brow brush/ toothbrush and see if you need to trim them. Join the spots and create the outline shape as per as your requirement, like in the picture.

Pluck the hair on or outside the line, start from below the brow and later pluck the hairs above the brow. You can trim if the hair is too long.

After tweezing, apply Aloe Vera gel to calm the skin. This also helps get rid of redness, if any.

Some additional tips:
Those who have gaps and uneven growth, can fill in using a dark brown eye shadow or use a brow kit to make your brows look more natural. Black looks unnatural, a shade lighter always helps.

Trimming should be done sparingly
To keep your brows in shape all day, use some brow gel or transparent mascara. Alternatively, take a bit of your usual hairspray and gently rub it over the brows to keep them in place.

Happy tweezing!!

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