how to understand my husband?

Feb 18, 2015
hi sisters please tell me how to understand my husband. he is loveable only. but he don't like to come out with me for shopping or any other places. if i ask him for shopping or movies, he simply replys that i am so tired we will go some other day. either he watch tv or drown to his lap. he not spends time for me. i am bored being alone in home. please tell me how can i make him understand me? or how can i understand him? what is the problem with us? am i expecting more from him?


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Jun 25, 2014
hi nithyraji

you can expect such things from your husband. there is nothing wrong in that. but understand his work pressure and tiredness too. he may be tired of his work so he want to take rest in home, in the evening time or weekends.

so please don't pressure him. you can have same happy moments with your husband in home too. if he don't like to come for movie and watching tv, you can also watch the same program or movie what he is watching in tv. you can discuss about the movie. happiness not in theater, its in you.

so when he is in home, talk with him. ask him about his work (only if he is willing to share it with you. if he don't like to talk at that time, just leave him for sometime and ask him later when he relaxed). ask him what he want you to do. let him to take rest for sometime. you can talk him at dinner time. you can ask him about your cooking, foods taste etc. he too like to spend time with you. so spend your time happily when he is in home. don't nag him.

he will understand your sacrifices, surely he will surprise you. take care.


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Jul 16, 2011
Do you know when he’s feeling stress?
Some men like to bottle up stress inside, which makes it difficult for a spouse to know whether they are being ignored or if they are stressed out. If you can’t discern when your husband is stressed, it can cause problems because you may be talking to him about a topic concerning you but he’s checked out and worried about something else.

  • Make eye contact with your husband when you are trying to communicate with him.
  • Remember that getting your husband to listen to you is a process--it may take several attempts.
  • [h=2]Warnings[/h]
  • Stop yourself from nagging. While you may be frustrated and annoyed, nagging will only prevent you from reaching your goal.

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