How to use Aluminium Foil for burns!

deepa bala

Guru's of Penmai
Aug 7, 2011
Ever thought of using aluminium foil for treating the burns caused by fire or electricity?

First aid must be immediately administered after a burn occurs. Household items like aluminum foil can be used in the treatment of burns


1.Place the burned area under cool running water for several minutes.

2.Pat the area dry with a clean towel if the skin is not broken. If the skin is open, gently pat with sterile gauze to absorb the water. Then cover the area with a dry sterile piece of gauze.

3.Place a piece of aluminium foil over the skin or gauze. Hold in place to absorb heat until the pain subsides. Secure the gauze over the wound with paper tape. If the skin is broken, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the burn before you apply the gauze to prevent it from sticking to the wound.

Since aluminium is a good condutor of heat if you put anything against hot,it will conduct any heat from the point of contact,until it can hold anymore thermal energy,for the same scientific reasons it also transfers cold equally as well.A basic burn injury actually dissipates a lot of its heat before any treatment is actually given.
For extreme major burns it is understood that we shd, seek professional help.


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