How to wax your face at home


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to wax your face at home

A smooth and clear face can make you look and feel good. Get rid of those extra hair on your face that make you feel less than sexy.
Instead of visiting a salon, try waxing your face at home to make the treatment cost-effective and convenient.
Purchase the wax
Take a trip to the local drugstore and look for waxes that have been dermatologist tested and are designed for sensitive skin.

A clean face prepares you for the best wax. Rinse and wash your face, as well as your hands, since they'll be touching the wax first.

Heat it to the apt temperature
Follow the directions according to the wax packaging and heat it to the specified temperature. Don't forget to check to make sure that it isn't too hot for your precious facial skin.

The trick
Spread wax onto your face in a thin, even layer. Apply a strip and leave it on for the recommended amount of time. Pull the strip off in a rapid motion, pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth. Avoid pulling hair upwards, as it can cause hair to break and appear to grow back faster.

Soothe your skin
Immediately apply pressure to the waxed area to avoid extra discomfort. Avoid waxing more than once, as it can cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Apply a layer of your favorite facial lotion to relieve skin.

Exfoliating your skin a day or two before you wax will help provide a smooth surface on which to wax. A regular wax can last from two to four weeks. Exfoliating will help extend the time between waxes to the four week max.

Caution: Do a test run. To ensure that you do not have any allergies to the wax, do a test strip on an arm or a leg.

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