How to wear a strapless dress


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to wear a strapless dress

Strapless dresses are a favourite with most designers and celebrities. Right from the red carpet to the premier of a film to any other event or casual outing.

And if you too are keen on wearing a strapless number, then we give you some tips that would help you in keeping the ensemble comfortable and appealing. Read on:

- Strapless dresses are best suited for women who have a toned upper body structure. So, if you have been skipping the gym for a while, you can avoid this look till you hit the gym again.

- Fit is a very important aspect of looking gorgeous in a strapless dress. When you are buying it, make sure that the dress fits your body perfectly. In the trial room, after putting on the dress, sit down and see if the stitches are not too tight near the waistline.

- Selection of proper inner wear plays a vital role. You need to wear a long-line strapless
bra which provides more support and gives proper shape to your body.

- When you wear a strapless dress you reveal your neck, shoulders and hands. But don't overdo the whole look by wearing too much of chunky accessories. In fact, wearing nothing around the neck and hands would make you look more graceful.

- Pair your strapless dress with sling-backs, peep toes or a pair of stilettos. They'll make you look elegant and give proper posture.

- You can also wear your strapless top during day time by giving it a new look by simply wrapping a scarf or a colourful stole.

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