How to wear non-maternity clothes while pregnant


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to wear non-maternity clothes while pregnant

In this economy, we are all looking for ways to save money. Between the baby crib, stroller and mounds of diapers you will be spending money on, you may be wondering if you really need to spend money on maternity clothes. Find out tips on stretching your regular wardrobe.

You can get by without spending money on “maternity” clothes, but know that there are some pieces of clothing you won’t be able to wear, especially once you are in those last few weeks of pregnancy. Of course, there are always those exceptions, but for the majority of us you probably won’t be able to wear your regular jeans or pants or regular-length tops without making some minor changes.

What can you wear? Empire-waist dresses that hit you at your knee or longer before you were pregnant should be long enough to take you throughout your pregnancy. If you have leggings, pair those with dresses that start feeling too short.

An empire-waist dress or maxi dress is one article of clothing you can wear from trimester one to trimester three. Pictured is the Gypsy Organic Maxi Dress from This non-maternity dress can easily be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. You can layer with a white cami underneath for more coverage.

It helps to have a couple of longer-length tanks of cami’s that you can wear under your regular tops. This helps to conceal your belly from peeking out under your regular tops. Another option is to buy a stretchy band, such as the Bella Band, that fits around your waist allowing you to unfasten your jeans giving your belly more room to grow. Not only does this band keep your jeans up, but it also keeps your belly covered when wearing shorter tops.

Pants or shorts that have a drawstring waist and can be worn under the belly are also a good option for non-maternity clothes. Tops that have a good deal of stretch to them and are cut long enough should also take you throughout your pregnancy.

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