How To Win A Woman's Heart and Make Her Like You (A Lot!)


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How To Win A Woman's Heart and Make Her Like You
(A Lot!)

You can dress this anyway you like but the bottom line is that women are attracted to men who make them feel feminine and attractive -- whatever "feminine" means to the individual woman. Believe it or not, different women have different ideas of what "feminine" means to them. We even talked about women who want to be dominated, made to be submissive, insulted (made to feel less than they really are), even beat up because that's what makes them "feminine". Fortunately (my opinion), these kinds of women are a minority.

But what makes the majority of women feel like REAL women? How does an average guy make a woman feel feminine in ways that make her like him a lot -- may be even inspire feelings of love?

(Warning: If you are in any way a "feminist", I would not read on for fear of throwing your computer screen)

1. Make her feel supremely free to be a woman

Most women carry out every single task that men do nowadays. Not only is her feminine identity threatened but also any emerging feminine trends will make her feel less feminine and more masculine (invincible, cut-throat aggressive and take charge). That's why she wants to come home (to her man) and be made to feel soft, vulnerable and exposed for a change.

2. Make her feel she's beautiful (hot or sexy whatever tags at her heartstrings)

Make her feel smart and funny and easy on the eyes. This includes appreciating her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes. It does not include you trying to impose your views of feminine beauty on her body, emotions or thought process.

3. Make her stand out from the crowd

Every woman wants to feel "special" -- one in a million. Ignoring her sometimes works to a man's advantage because invisibility can make her feel devalued. If she's insecure about herself she may be attracted to you because you trigger those feelings of insecurity that she already hers. The nightmare of this is that, that same "insecurity" will dog your relationship and cause you not to enjoy being around her in the longer term.

4. Make her feel safe and protected

She wants to feel that she is in safe hands -- physically, materially and emotionally secure. Women want men who can step up and take charge of the situation.

5. Make her feel appreciated and supported

This does not mean don't argue with her, obey her every wish, and let her walk all over you. Most women find it insulting when men treat them like little spoiled kids. Doormat behaviour makes you less than a man in her eyes -- and that's how she'll treat you. Rather this is about how you treat her and make her feel good about her choices in life (including choosing you from all the others).

6. Make her feel alive

She doesn't want you to try to make her feel whole. What she wants is for you to make her laugh, scream with joy, run, jump and play like a little girl and make her feel like the luckiest woman in the world! There is nothing more attractive, sexier and more irresistible than that!!!

7. Make her feel like a sex -pot (not like an object of pleasure)

To me (and the group agreed), a guy who can make a ?good? girl crazy with passion, desire and intense feelings has practically got her eating from his palms. This is not just how well you can manipulate her sexual organs so that she reaches an orgasm, this is the whole process of flirting, seducing and giving her pleasure beyond orgasms. This is also known as ecstasy.

8. Make her feel wanted and loved

This is about how you let her know what she means to you. It may be in words but mostly in your actions -- talk is cheap, you got to show up to be seen.

Tall order, huh? You bet. No doubt this seems like a lot to ask for but consider what you get back in return? Besides, when giving women what they want is a natural and free-flowing part of who you are, it's not hard to make a woman feel like a real woman at all. Chances you're doing some of these things instinctively and all you need is to step it up a notch!

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