How Yoga is helpful for us?


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Jun 28, 2011
Hello Friends,
Please tell me how yoga is helpful for us ?
I daily to try wake up early in the morning for better yoga exercise ?
Hi Ranjana,

Pls. read out here...

Recently Yoga has become one of the most popular form of exercises and meditations . People all over the world are very interested to know about the benefits, facts and tips regarding the Yoga. And if you are one among those people, then you have come to a best article which briefly explains the advantages and precautions related to the ancient YOGA.
Advantages and Benefits of Yoga

1. Yoga doesn’t need costly materials
or equipments or gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc. It can be practiced inside the house or in open area either singly or groups. All you to need is a thick carpet spread on floor which is covered with a clean cloth.

2. You can do yoga at any timeduring your day time and it will be useful and beneficial to you irrespective of whether you are old or young and heavy or lean.

3. One of the very important advantages of yoga is that it prevents several diseases and disordersand helps in maintaining good health and fitness through out the life.

4. It helps in reducing depression and stress, leads to mindful eating that indirectly reduces the chances of getting obesity, and also helps us learn to focus or concentrate well.

5. Yoga associated with breathing can help in lowering blood pressure and also a simple act of stretching is known to reduce the risk of getting heart diseases, according to a survey.

6. It aids in improving strength, endurance and physical flexibility which is a boon to people suffering with back pain and problems. The meditation and yogic breathing helps people in managing the body pains very effectively.

Tips and precautions related to yoga

1. The most suitable time for doing yoga is during morning and that too before eating breakfast. The reason for this is that the mind is fresh and calm and the asanas (yoga exercises) can be done easily.

Make sure that you empty your bladder and bowels, clean your throat and nostrils of all mucous and after that have glass of water and after 15 minutes you start doing yoga.
3. Regarding diet, a balanced diet (sattwik) is recommended by yoga trainers and also there should be an interval of 4 hours between each meal you take.

And the composition of meals should be in the following ratio:
- cereals and grains – 30 % (calorific value)
- roots and vegetables – 25 %
- honey and fruits – 20 %
- dairy and milk products – 20 %
Note: quantity of food to be taken should be moderate (mitahara) that can satisfy one’s appetite.​
4. Regarding clothing, it should be loose and as scanty as possible, since more surface area of must be exposed to air. Form-fitting Lycra/cotton shirts and pants are better choice.

5. Always keep in mind that you should start with postures that are easyand later you can proceed to difficult ones, must follow graded steps of yoga. For breathing take a deep and long breathe and use only nose for inhaling and exhaling so better close your mouth.

6. Forsitting postures always take a mat of kusa or any other hay or grass and for lying postures take a woolen carpet and spread a clean sheet over that.


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