hubby totally changed after new job

Feb 5, 2015
hello friends i am married for 7 yrs. i didn't had any problem previously. but because my hubby's new office and friends. recently he moved to new job with higher salary and promotion. after that he totally changed. he spends weekends with their new set of friends and going outing with them. he is not spending time for me and my son. me and my son want to spend weekends happily with him. but he not at all think of us. every weekend he is busy with his friends. so many fights betweem us because of this. i even requested him to spend a day for us. but no use. what can i do with him?


Citizen's of Penmai
Jun 25, 2014
hi pa unga husband new job poi evlo naal aaguthu. konja naal aaguthunna neenga avarai konjam vittu than pidikkanum. puthu office puthu friends avarume excited aah than irupparu. so intha mathiri friends kooda time spend pandrathai virumbalam. konja naal aanathum athu palakidum. so avare kuraichukka aarambichuduvar.

athe samayam neengalum avaruku veetla entha pressure-um illama pathukonga. veetla summa nachu pannitu irunthalum veetla irukka pidikathu.

avaroda veliya poga, ungaluku veetuku allathu unga sonku shopping panna vendiyathu ellam list eluthi vechutu weekend la avaroda poi shop pandrathu pola vechukonga.

kulanthaiya vittu appakitta pesa sollunga. payan veliya poga aasapadaran sollunga. suppose avarala puthu friends avoid panna mudiyathunu solrangana, athaiye oru family picnic arrange panna mudiyamanu yoshinga.

avaroda friends and friends family kooda neengalum ungalai arimugapaduthikonga. avangalai unga veetuku dinner or lunch ku koopittu time spend pannunga.

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