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Apr 19, 2015
my husband giving all his properties to his brother saying that he is so much poor.

they were poor due to his character not going to work, failure in business and drinking.

he gave all his part to him? how to tell him that this is not correct?


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Jun 25, 2014
yes it is not fair. you can give some additional properties in the share but it is not fair to give all the properties. life is a circle, there may be a chance for them to come up in their life. and also you are not giving to a good person. even he may wash out your asset in spending this in wrong way.

but ask some elder person in your family to talk with your husband. or you itself talk to your husband by stating the pros and cons in this.


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Sep 2, 2014
Well said Sathya!!! As Sathya said, you need to resolve this using an elderly person.

My thoughts about this issue..
The opinion you have about your brother in law(BIL)-
"They were poor due to his character not going to work, failure in business and drinking."
We can also interpret in a different angle( from your BIL's angle) : He might have quit his job and took risk in investing in his own business. Unfortunately he might have failed and due to this failure he got himself into drinking habit. Your husband may also think like this. I'm not trying to justify his action, but I'm saying there is a different angle in which your husband might justify his brothers action. We ladies think only about the failure and we stamp him(BIL) as an irresponsible person.

Ok coming to the problem, you have every right to worry about losing a property that rightfully belongs to your family. Try to politely convince your husband, instead of giving away the property, why dont he seek other ways to support his family. Maybe take care of their kids education. Put a fixed deposit on their kids name, which cannot be accessed by his brother or his family right away. He can motivate him to get on his feet and if possible get him a job. If he is interested only in business, ask him to come up with a solid plan and your husband can be a sleeping partner in his business. This way he can guide and monitor him. If the kids are grown up, help them in getting a job.

There is a saying "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time;" . Your husband should approach this problem in the above said manner.

Even if there is no such option to show his care, atleast he can hold his thought of giving away the property until he gives up alcohol.

Whatever might be the case you cannot cross a limit in enforcing him as this would close all possible doors in resolving it. Try to politely make him understand , or else get the help of an elder from his side.
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priya ravi

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Jun 13, 2011
Kuala lumpur
Giving all is not fair.. Instead u can ask ur husband to help him with a job..

I have come across few persons among my relatives, who became lazy and never intended to go to work ,as there were someone to help their families all the time.. These guys took it for granted and never changed their attitude...

If he is still not listening, book a flat or do investment ( in ur or kids name for 10 years period ) so that he would end up paying EMI instead of paying to his brother..

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