husband not allowing me to study or work

Mar 18, 2015
i am newly married. married before 6 months. i am MCA graduate. studying and working is my passion. before marriage my parents asked them whether they allow me to work and study further. they said yes.

but after marriage they are not allowing me to either study and going to work. i am so much depressed with this. i am good studying girl from the school days. i am the college topper. but after all sitting simply in the home making me so much depressed. how to convince them? i said to my parents they said that they will come and talk in our home. but i am worried whether there will be any issues because of me.
Mar 14, 2015
Hi Lakshmi..
Happy to hear tht u r very much interested to be a Professional even after ur wedding. Great going.
First thing... u need patience, coz thy r not believing u.
Initially u should behave according to their mindset. Support them.. move friendly.
The way u live should make them to understand tht Lakshmi is the girl who can handle everything tactfully, decide correctly, and execute things cleverly. Then slowly u can achieve things. Hope u understand.
Another thing.. y dont u try home based jobs temporarily? Web development, Webapp development, SEO are the areas where u can find immense opportunity. Once u start earning definitely tht ll help the family. Thn automatically they may understand the benefits and allow u to go out for working.

Fortunately u r thinking to make problems.. so all the best.
Whatever u do... start with confidence and kindness.
All the best.

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