husband not allowing to go for work.....

May 26, 2015
i was married recently. before marriage we didn't had any talks regarding job. now he is opposing me to not to go for work. i was more worried, because i struggled a lot in campus interview and only 3 from my class were selected in the campus interview.

this is more precious job for me... i don't want to miss this opportunity. how can i convince him and go for work.


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @devikasriram

Congrats for your new marriage. should have talked well before your marriage, that you are selected in the campus and you have opted to go for the job.

If he didn't liked you to go for it, then he would have told you earlier itself.

Now, have you discussed with him, why doesn't he like you to work?

Has he told the reasons for it?

If he doesn't like you to go the office and work (among others....few men do not like this) then it will be really impossible for you to join the office.

In this case, you may opt to find a suitable Home based job(s) and you can work from home.

Or else, if he is taking so much care on you that , if he feels that it may be difficult to continue the job, if you get pregnant and the days to come....then well and good.

Again you need to select the Home based job.

Anyway, since you have not clarified this matter before marriage, now the only option is

Please do not fight with him and have the misunderstanding in the initial years of marriage.

Find a suitable Home based job and you may work from home. Once he also realizes that you are very much capable, he may allow you to work in the Office.

Even in the company which has offered you the job, you can ask for the tasks which could be finished from the Home itself. Few companies may offer these kind of jobs.

But this Home based job will be preferable for you when you get pregnant and look after the child.

If you don't get any Home based job, you can engage yourself in learning any kind of music, arts or anything like this.

Many ladies are facing similar problems like you. They are not allowed to work after marriage.

Clicking the below links may also help you to get clarified , where similar suggestions are given.

husband not allowing to work

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