husband not at all going to job

Apr 16, 2015
we both from decent settled family. my husband is not at all going to job. he just simply watching tv and entertaining with friends etc. he is having his business but not at all going. we have workers to manage them so just leaving all to the workers.

my inlaws also not forcing him to go to work place. how can i tell him? i was married before 8 months.

this is the only negative character i can see with him. else he is good in all other things caring me etc.


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Sep 2, 2014
Hi @samypr
If his parents themselves are not pushing him, then it is little tough for you to convince him. Indirectly talk with your in-laws and check if they are interested in him going to office/job. If so get their help in convincing him to go to job. If not, you have to solve it single handedly.

Since he is a caring person, politely communicate with him to find the reason for him not going to office. If he over-trusts his employees, then talk with him about the positive & negative about over trusting. Having trusted employees is gifted, but that doesn't mean that the boss needs to be blind on what is going on. Trigger his thoughts about his and business growth. This will motivate him to focus on his business. Remind him that the real pride is not just running what his parents left to him, but taking the business to the next level.

Never ever get into the nagging cycle. Your efforts should be like, "வாழைப்பழத்துல ஊசி ஏற்றுவது போல" without too much enforcement . Do not lose hope. It will not be an overnight change. With patience you can achieve it.

All the best!!!!

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