husband not coming to hospital. what to do ?

Feb 8, 2012
i am new to penmai, but silent reader from the last month. i have a problem and don't know how to handle please help me dears to solve it and live my life happily.

i was married to distance relative before 10 years. now my age is 32. both my moms home and my husbands home are in same location.

i don't have a kid. i went to dr. before 6 years with my mom, she checked me and told that i am alright, there is no problem with me. she asked my husband to come. but when i said this. he is just shouting with me and he is not at all coming. my mil also supporting him.

my parents and relations came and advised him. infront of them he is saying that we will go to hospital. but he is not coming. we are financially steady. what to do now? how can i get my husband to hospital for checking.

note: he had TB, when we completed our 1st anniversary did this affect male infertility. he is so slim and lost nearly 10kgs after TB.

friends help me. its really hard to face society in this situation. whenever someone asks abt baby i can't face them. and i can;t mingle in functions like marriagee, etc..

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