husband not likes my pregnancy

May 21, 2015
i am now 2 months pregger. my husband not likes my pregnancy. since he is plaaning to go to abroad. but i badly need this baby. i conveyed he accepted but not whole hearted. what shall i do?


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Dec 2, 2011
Congrats @vijayapriya86 for your pregnancy.

We pray for your safe delivery.

If your husband do not need the baby now or want it only after some milestones are achieved in your life, he should have planned the pregnancy and should have taken safety measures earlier.

Now, please do deliver the child.

Now, you can convince your husband with the following suggestion.

Tell him that you both are gifted to have the child at the right time. Nowadays there are lots and lots of couples who are longing for a single child which is denied by the God.

Lots and lots of them are undergoing so many treatments to have a child , spending lots of money, after so much trauma and mental tensions from the society (including relatives and friends)

So, you both are so lucky and blessed by the God to have the child, naturally.

There is no problem for him to go abroad. After the 1st Trimester, you can also accompany him and deliver the child in abroad, after consulting your doctor. Your parents can visit there to help you during the delivery.

so, there will not be any problem due to your pregnancy.

Or, if these are not possible, you can stay here either with your parents or with your in-laws and after your delivery, you can join him abroad.

So, you may plead him to accept the child wholeheartedly and welcome the child with pleasure. So that you will also feel the total happiness and enjoy the pregnancy wholeheartedly, which is very much important during pregnancy.

You can tell him, that you have come across(from many magazines and websites) so many TTC (Trying to conceive) ladies who suffer a lot for so many years. And this has not happened to you people.

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Jun 13, 2011
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congrats on ur pregnancy ..

ur message is very generic.. i couldnt get enough info to provide suitable answer.. I can just think of these questions right now -

1. are u travelling to abroad with him ? if not will he be able to be back at country for ur delivery ?
2. do u have ur inlaws and parents support at home if u r left alone for delivery
3. does he have any other reason other than travelling abroad

personally, i believe what we carry is a life and we don't have right to end it for so so reasons..

just let him know, when god gives it u should accept it and life is going to be more meaningful with ur kids around..
Feb 26, 2012
Congrats on ur pregnancy. Babies are not barrier to his growth instead make him work harder for his kid.. May be he is having some kind of jitters before being a daddy.. It wil go soon.. As long he didn't force u to abort, don't talk much abt this n leave a cooling period for him to accept that he is goin to be a dad soon:)gud luck!!

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