Hygiene tips for women on the move

Sep 26, 2013
The modern Indian woman is no longer confined to the four walls of her home. She leads and active life and travels often. However, all this time spent outdoor, poses several challenges while adopting and maintaining a daily hygiene routine.
Here are a few hygiene products that must become a part of your travel kit, so that you can feel clean, comfortable and confident at all times.

HAND SANITIZER: You must carry a hand sanitizer in your purse. It comes in handy when you indulge your taste buds in local street food and don’t have the luxury of washing your hands as you would at a hotel or a restaurant. A hand sanitizer is also good to have incase you need to use a public toilet where soap is often not available for washing hands.

DENTAL FLOSS: A winning smile is your strongest weapon and a sign of your confidence. It helps diffuse tension, wriggle out of tricky situations and make friends. Healthy, sparkling white teeth add to your smile. It is therefore a good idea to carry dental floss to get rid of those rogue spinach leaves of chicken bones that get lodged in your teeth and turn you million dollar smile into an eyesore. Use the floss after every meal.

FACE WASH: Pollution levels are alarmingly high and it is important to wash away dust and grime off your face in order to prevent unsightly black-heads or painful rashes. Always carry a face wash and try to wash your face at least twice during the day. Remember to use a soap free face wash to avoid dryness. Also reapply your sun screen after you wipe your face to prevent harmful UV rays from adversely affecting your freshly washed delicate facial skin.

WET WIPES: It is often difficult to find a wash basin to wash the dust and grime away. Sometimes, you just want to wipe away the sweat and dirt. But just a regular handkerchief is not enough. Use wet wipes to wipe your face, neck and arms. Not only do these wipes have gentle cleansing agents, they are also enriched with moisturizers to prevent dryness.

INTIMATE CARE: Women on the move often end up using public toilets where hygiene standards are usually not particularly high. This can lead to various infections leading to itchiness and discomfort in the intimate area. Vaginal health depends on maintaining the pH balance in the region. Ideally it should range between 3.5 to 4.5 in order to keep bad and odor causing bacteria away. A good vaginal wash containing lactic acid should do the trick. You should use such a wash every time you visit a public toilet. It is also good to use such a wash frequently during the menstrual cycle.

These five essential hygiene products should become a part of your hand bag, so that you can take greater control of your daily hygiene regimen, even if you are on the move.
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