I am in love with a married man. Help!


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
I am in love with a married man. Help!

I am a 37-year-old woman and I have two children aged ten and five years respectively. I have been working for nearly ten years now. About a year ago, I met a man of 40 and we became very friendly with each other. He too is married. We have gradually come closer, even though there has been no physical intimacy. I am so preoccupied by him that I am unable to concentrate on my job or family. I know that society will not accept us. Should I sacrifice my love because of this aspect. Please advise.
- SJ

Never ask a question unless the answer makes a difference. I hope you are aware of this as you ask your question. Don't you think you are getting wary of the wrong set of people? Why should society be so important to you? Why not your own family or your responsibility towards your children, if not your husband.

Granted, your marriage might not have been any great shakes till now. But you must realise that most marriages pass through ennui, tedium and monotony. But the resolution of this phase is certainly not a fling or an affair. Working at rebuilding your relationship with your husband must be appearing to be a Herculean task at present but as an investment, it is likely to pay off much richer dividends than would your liaison with this gentleman.

If it is at all possible, try to continue this friendship as discretely as possible till you make up your mind about which way you are heading. Remember, life is a cup to be filled not drained.

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