I don’t trust my friend with my wife


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
I don’t trust my friend with my wife

My best friend and my wife work in the same building. At times, he drops her home on his way back. Lately, they both have been travelling together quite often and that too very late. I have offered to pick her up when she gets very late but she asked me not to take any trouble because she could come with him. I am not suspecting anything but somehow it has started making me uncomfortable. Is this issue even worth thinking about or should I just forget about it?

Marital bonding requires mutual trust, responsibility, love, care and commitment. It helps in evolving the 'we' feeling over 'me' feeling. Feeling of being together for each other and mutual admiration can help in strengthening the bond. Unreasonable expectations, insecurities, miscommunications, not spending quality time together can breed suspicions and vulnerabilities.

I suggest you start spending quality time with your spouse. Try to find common interests and try to engage in some common hobbies, and engage in healthy communication with her. Do make positive efforts to bridge the gaps. Rather than feeling uncomfortable and speculating negative things in your mind, I suggest you drop/pick her up from office as a matter of privilege and out of love for her. Alcohol use and sexual problems can also breed suspicions in one's mind. If you suffer from any of these do actively address them by seeking professional help from a psychiatrist.

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