I have problem with my inlaw from day i got married.


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Oct 16, 2016
dear, this is not the reasons. i m not staying india , i am staying in abroad.they came here for 6 months back, everyyear they used to visit and stay with us. here i dont have any relatives or friends for help or to share. so i used to talk with my neighbours.
when they came they had conversation with neighbours .i dont know what they had. after they came n go, i can see the changes in my neighbours. and the replies from them as like my sister in law talks and my in law talks. mostly i used to conversation about school and cooking things. thats it. i dont feel any wrong on my conversation with them. then i experienced this since 6 yrs .this reason only i have changed so many houses. same thing happened, so now i stopped talking with anybody in my building i choosen this forum.its very supportive for me.
So yes indeed they are spreading false things about you not in relatives circle but among your neighbours.. but I tell you ksa, if their 6 months stay can cause a stir in the minds of your neighbours are they worth your friendship. And cooking and kids related things for which you wanted your neighbours can be discussed here in penmai itself. You don't need neighbours for that. Anonymity here is a huge plus, use it to your and others advantage. Talk here when you feel depressed or having doubts regarding cooking or kids. I understand your concern though of not having anyone to talk to in a foreign country. Why don't you arrange playdates with mom's of your kids, or arrange potlucks with your husband's colleagues family or any other people other than your neighbours whom you won't meet when your inlaws come. We can only change what's within our power. Other than this you can confront your inlaws directly since you say husband is a non issue, or talk to your neighbours directly or give them a heads up before your inlaws arrival so that they won't fall a prey in their trap. Think of solutions for a problem not a escape. And am sorry for speculating the reasons since the word suicide caught me off guard. Apologies if had offended you in anyway, though it was not intentional.

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