I love my wife but I am not attracted to her anymore


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
I love my wife but I am not attracted to her anymore

It's been 2 years that my wife and I have been married. Initially, we shared a very passionate relationship and had sex almost every day. Now, however, I don't feel attracted towards her because of which we don't get physically intimate for months. She has tried to talk to me about it but I try and escape the question. Why am I losing interest?

Emotional bonding is an important aspect of sexual bonding. Relationship dynamics can be quite complex at times. When one is new in any relationship, one tries to put his best foot forward. At times, one is in awe of the other. Over a period of time, when one stays under the same roof with the other person, one gets to know the shades in the other's personality. At times couples start taking each other for granted. At times there are miscommunications, and issues with respect to priorities.

As individuals none of us can be perfect. As the relationship grows over time, it requires investment of mutual understanding, comfort, respect, healthy communication and feeling of togetherness. Couples at times try out role play, to stimulate each other's fantasies and bring some new flavour and zeal into their sexual life. Sexual health can get affected under distress. If the issues continue, I suggest you consult a psychiatrist.

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