I Love Yor Darling


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
I love you darling

Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day. ~Gene Perret

Every marriage needs a healthy dose of on-going romance to add spice, delight, and fun to the relationship.

It’s not enough to just start out with a sizzling romance. You have to find a way to keep the romance alive as the months and years accumulate.

One of the marital challenges many couples face is how to live together without losing that special romantic spark.
It’s all-too-easy to lose the role of lover along the way.

Parents can begin to feel they are only business partners joined together to raise their children and keep the household running.

you’re always short on time and energy, and you’re not sure what to do

Some ways to make your life rosy.

1. Pay attention when your spouse mentions things he or she likes or expresses interest in something that could make a good gift, such as a new CD, a book, or theater/concert/sports tickets/surprise gifts

2. Frequently offer foot massages, shoulder massages, and full-body massages to your spouse. You’ll get plenty of romantic brownie points in your relationship bank account

3. Giving sweet cards and letters to your spouse can be romantic, as can emails and SMS messages that share your feelings and passion.

4. Another way to be romantic is to look for opportunities to pamper and spoil your spouse. That might be letting a spouse sleep in late while you watch the kids,

6. In the romance department, flowers, plants, candy, or a special home-cooked meal never go out of favor.
Many females love to receive beautiful fresh flowers or a box of delicious chocolate candy. Both husbands and wives can appreciate the efforts of a partner to put together an intimate, special home-cooked meal by
candlelight with music playing and flowers on the table.

7.Take care of your spouse when she's / he sick.

8.Leave an unexpected, no special reason card somewhere she will find it when you are not around.

9. Do one of your spouse's regular chores - take out the trash, clean up after dinner, change the sheets on the bed.

10.If you have a regular night where you order take out and rent a movie, allow your spouse to choose the food and the movie and agree to accept whatever choice is made.

11.Go to a worship service like temple or church together and talk about it afterward.

12. Don't stop dating - go out at least once a month on an actual dat

13. Read a book out loud to each other. It doesn't have to be all at once. Make it a point to each come to bed a half hour earlier than normal and read a few chapters a night until it's finished. It's much
more romantic than watching television in bed.

14. Develop an interest in something your spouse is interested in. Learn about and suggest that you do it together.

15. Take a walk, hold hands and talk.

16. Have a movie marathon together. Spend the day in really comfy clothes, lounge on the couch, and watch a trio of movies with a common actor or theme. Make sure to have lots of your spouse's favorite snacks
on hand.

17. Put the kids to bed one night for him when it's his turn. And then, take your regular turn the following evening.

18. Write a poem, need not be yours. copy it from some where.It doesn't have to be Shakespeare.or vairamuthu She'/he ll love it anyway.

19. Go on a picnic.

20. Take a dance class together

21. Bring him his morning coffee some time otherway round.

22. Run her/him a bubble bath, light candles in the bathroom, play some relaxing music for her/him and take the kids out of earshot while she /he bathes.

23. Call your spouse in the middle of the afternoon and tell her she doesn't need to cook dinner tonight.You'll bring home take out just to give her a break.

24. At least once a year go to a very fancy restaurant in your best clothes.

25. Give your spouse genuine praise in front of other people.

26. Always give your spouse a kiss and hug before you leave the house and say I love you darling

27. Invite his/ her friends once in way.

28. Invite his/her parents and relatives regurly to enhance your mental health so indirect way to romance

29. Take a break from each other: Seeing each other 24×7, 365 days a year can take a toll on your marriage. Plan out a vacation separately. The space and distance will do wonders

30. Laugh out loud: LOL together is a great way to renew your boring marriage. A good laughter every day will relax you and make you enjoy the company of the spouse.

Taking the time to do some thoughtful, caring things for your husband or your wife will not only help keep the romance alive in your marriage, it will help it to flourish.

Best wishes,


Friends's of Penmai
Aug 6, 2011
Beautiful write up to keep the married life beautiful.

Good one Viji.

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