I surprised myself today!


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I have logged in Penmai after nearly 2.5 months as I was quite busy with prior commitments.

Firstly I decided to update all the threads started by me right from Filmy Masala which is filled with juicy gossips and news of Fillum world and then travelled towards Mals Kitchen - cooking has always been my passion, so posted a few pics of food cooked in my kitchen.

I enjoy watching movies, recollected I have to post reviews of around 22 movies that I had watched and I started posting my movie reviews.

Caught up with some posts which made sense in to my head as they were either in English or had images to marvel.

In a nutshell, I realised today I have around 103 posts to my credit in ONE SINGLE DAY...

Yesterday I had 63 posts to my credit..

In all I have posted around 166 posts in just 1.5 days and have garnered around 85 LIKES..

Am I not suprising myself!
I also noted that I am elevated to CITIZENS OF PENMAI TITLE!

Thanks Penmai for the glorious platform offered to us.
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