Ideas to have a rocking monsoon


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Jul 5, 2011
Ideas to have a rocking monsoon

We might love to hate monsoon, all thanks to the problems associated with them like traffic jams and water logging. But somewhere deep within we all want to enjoy the rain 'n' masti

Monsoon is here and it's here to stay! With heavy and light showers washing off the city every now and then, kids and even elders are restricted to stay indoors. But there are some fun activities to keep you and your brats occupied during the monsoons. We all hate to stay indoors and so do kids! So here are a few ideas that can keep you engaged and have fun outdoors. Just read out the following and show your kids what a fun mom/daddy you really are!

Here are some rocking ideas to have monsoon blast!

Harvest water

Get each child in your building to bring a plastic bucket to the terrace. Leave them there overnight and let the rain water collect in them. Come morning, show kids how to use this collected water can be used for various constructive purposes, like washing cars, watering plants, etc. While you get to save on the fresh water, children get to learn the fun way. Isn't it an interesting way to enjoy the rainy season?

All doodled up

It's a good idea to allow your children to unleash the artist within 'outside' on the four walls. Buy them a box of coloured chalks and let them go wild drawing on the concrete outside. When it's raining, the chalk looks more like paint which will be a real treat for kids. They will be happy, it will keep them occupied and one downpour and this art will be washed away!
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