Importance Of Antenatal And Postnatal Exercises


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Jul 5, 2011
Antenatal And Post Natal Exercises

Importance of doing antenatal and post natal exercises, before going into exercises lets see what all problems can occur during and after pregnancy

Common antenatal conditions

1.Back pain
2.Symphysis pudic dysfunction
3.Carpal tunnel syndrome
4.Rib pain
5.In continence

Common post natal problems

1.Back pain
2.Over abdomen
3.Over weight
4.Urinary incontinence
5.Uterus prolapse etc...

Most of us take these lighter which later ends up in serious complications if we go for lighter exercises under proper guidance we can come along these problems

Make sure a pregnant lady can exercise but under proper guidance,after delivery from day 1 for normal delivery cases and from 1st week for Cesarian cases can exercise. make sure to take balanced diet under proper guidance too for a healthy baby..

Benefits of antenatal exercises

1.Reduce stress and tension
2.Reduces blood pressure
3.Reduces diabetes
4.Helps for normal delivery(breathing for labour will help this)

So go ahead start doing your exercises.

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